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  • Podcast, September 10th 2022 – Sorrow

    Podcast, September 10th 2022 – Sorrow

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  • The Creature – a short video about an upcoming play

    This is a short video I made to help promote the upcoming play from Company of Sirens at Chapter Arts in Cardiff Related Posts:Lottery – A short Story

  • It’s a collage

    It’s a collage

    It’s a collage, that’s what it is, it’s a coll-fucking-age

  • 2 Old Heads at The Apothecary Cardiff

    I don’t really know how it got to this but in eleven days time on April 3rd I am doing a sort of gig. Poster below. It’s a very small venue but an interesting one. here’s the event link on Facebook: Some of my paintings will be on display and for sale in the […]

  • Marking an event

    Marking an event

    Last Saturday, December 8th 2018, along with Dafydd Wyn Roberts, I held an event at the Apothecary in Cardiff. They have a lovely little caff at the back of their shop. Dafydd played 4 songs accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar, and I read three excerpts from my novels. It went like this – Song-Reading-Song-Reading-Song-Reading-Song […]

  • Old Heads at the Apothecary Cardiff

    Old Heads at the Apothecary Cardiff

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  • Poems for competitions

    Poems for competitions

    Impact Delivery Reception That’s how it comes That’s how it goes As if from a parallel world where: You are a Goddess And I am not your lover But I am I am! ###

  • Time Revisited

    Time Revisited

    (i) As the planets roll I am caught in a bubble on the sub-atomic motorway Trundling at the speed of light there is only one view, an overall that covers all and warms this creature All the magic of all the ages is contained in my pocket. (ii) The balls of our vision roll as […]

  • Monkeys


    eerertertertertertertertert  drg dfg dfg dfg df d gd monkeys typing rubbish on a computer using a program called a word provcessor can somirtimes vatch a packet of stars ad live a litel more tha the earthworms thaey vonae form snfd then dee if they ahf es pacvker tof ticxod Monkeys can catch packets of stars […]

  • Nobody


    Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody nobody nobody Nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody NOBODY

  • Does this pen work?

    Does this pen work?

  • Outside in October

    Outside in October

    Outside in October The stems of the bamboos in my neighbour’s garden are tall and waxy cream. Their leaves like the bad hair of an animated villain. They sway like an armoury of thin spears; rattle, sometimes, in the wind. It’s a small innocent valley, where the crabplant and the blonde-haired pampas jostle with potatoes; […]

  • A message from the twenty-fourth century

    A message from the twenty-fourth century

    doo yoo woo mooo? DoO AyE waan tooo? waa ee ooo poo fee floo gloo viaa grnaa gtyoe brooa grooa trooa too moo soo kooo jooo gooo claa mee kii nia plaa hoo xoiae boeuo vuo mua trui voo dooo yooo wooo moooo? by fuck!