I’m a writer. I’m a visual artist. Although I suppose writer is as much a kind of artist as visual artist is, so I’m just an artist then.

I write all kinds of things, and paint all kinds of things, occasionally sculpt things and compose tune-things. I act and direct from time to time. (I don’t dance).

I have done, and sometimes still do, all kinds of other things for money, like begging and publishing, web design and soap-making, teaching, film-making, toolmaking, shopkeeping, programming, planning, market-trading, housekeeping, book designing, curating, photography, managing, driving, lugging, cooking, labouring, decorating . . . (there is more)

The purpose of this website is to publish things I write and sometimes to display things I paint or otherwise create. Much of what is posted is work-in-progress. Most writers and artists are not as reckless and will only ‘publish’ work that is finished. Personally I think life is too short for all that.

I don’t post much personal stuff because it’s all about the writing. But, some people like to know a little about the background of the writer or the artist so here’s a brief bio:

I was born at the end of 1951 in Llanelli, South Wales. After the usual childhood and adolescent shenanigans I settled down. Well, perhaps settled down is stretching it a bit, since I’ve been chasing one dream or another ever since.

I started writing in my early teens, mostly poetry, some short stories. One day in my early twenties I forgot to write. Two decades passed. Then I stumbled across an ancient notebook in the attic and flicked through it.

What I read changed my life, it was like a message from my younger self telling me to stop messing around and get stuck into some writing.

So I did.