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  • It’s a collage

    It’s a collage

    It’s a collage, that’s what it is, it’s a coll-fucking-age

  • some poetry work-in-progress – podcast

    some poetry work-in-progress – podcast

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  • It’s all blux

    It’s all blux

    Paint Art

  • Old Heads at the Apothecary Cardiff

    Old Heads at the Apothecary Cardiff

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  • Cannabis is so much stronger than it was in the sixties?

    Cannabis is so much stronger than it was in the sixties?

    Cannabis is so much stronger than it was in the sixties? Short answer is: No, cannabis is not so much stronger than it was in the sixties. How do I know? Easy, I was there then and I’m here now. I started smoking cannabis on April 20th 1968 when I was sixteen. They say that […]

  • wednesday, march 4, 1998

    wednesday, march 4, 1998

    radical writers gather at the dylan thomas centre on wednesday night in early march during st david’s week also known as ty llen in the maritime sector of swansea. with nigel jenkins, who says ‘i’m just a gower farm boy’ and ‘i make bugger all from my writing’, others discuss cabbage soup, and mike jenkins […]

  • Christmas coming fast

    Christmas coming fast

    Saturday-Bloody-Morning Christmas coming fast Should have been here Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday night perhaps The world has got a problem Only one? I hear you ask Well one that’s really pissed me off That awful shopping task We all come down together to fill our metal guts With putrefying blood and bones and other awful stuff […]

  • Mid-October Blues

    Mid-October Blues

    When the fallen leaves remind you that Summer’s gone And the days are getting short and the nights are getting long That’s the time to think about where you’re going to That’s the time to think about what you want to do The winter is coming, and with it a pause There’ll be time to […]

  • potpotmush


    An accidental recipe cut potatoes and sweet potatoes into chip shapes and deep fry in plenty of oil until soft but not crisp – add some half chopped chestnut mushrooms wait until it’s obvious that the ‘chips’ are not going to get crusty but are in imminent danger of collapsing into mush scoop the potpotmush […]

  • Happy New You

    Happy New You

    Something I wrote ten years ago on January 3rd 2006 – nothing changes? January Tree I’ve just realised it happens every year. Usually it gets overwhelmed by Christmas, or it’s just forgotten, smothered by January frost and burnt away by the low winter sun and the urgent need to get on with it. But this […]

  • The Magic Christmas Tree

    The Magic Christmas Tree

    Neville Street, Riverside, Cardiff

  • The True Meaning of Christmas

    Christmas is snow and feasting and fire and preserves. Christmas is calm and peaceful. Christmas is generous and spiritual. Christmas is short cold days and long colder nights – it is the darkest time of the year when life retreats to its lair and prays for its own renewal. The festival of Christmas sits like […]