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  • Sorrow


    Acrylic on box canvas – 70cm x 100cm/28″ x 40″ There’s a little story behind this painting. When I write it up I’ll paste it below. For now I’m happy to have finished it, it’s taken months on and off. Related Posts:Dolur – Sorrow, donePodcast, September 10th 2022 – Sorrow

  • Everything Changes

    Everything Changes

    A link to my songs on Bandcamp that I wrote some time ago and recorded last year along with Dafydd as Mwgwd

  • It’s a collage

    It’s a collage

    It’s a collage, that’s what it is, it’s a coll-fucking-age

  • Random Words of Today Podcast

    Random Words of Today Podcast

    Random Words of Today ***** and while we’re at it, this is another little random podcast from the other day it’s called RE: Tories Left Right etc. ***** and yet another recoded just an hour or so ago this one is Art Light Love Universe ***** Related Posts:Podcast, September 10th 2022 – Sorrow

  • Marking an event

    Marking an event

    Last Saturday, December 8th 2018, along with Dafydd Wyn Roberts, I held an event at the Apothecary in Cardiff. They have a lovely little caff at the back of their shop. Dafydd played 4 songs accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar, and I read three excerpts from my novels. It went like this – Song-Reading-Song-Reading-Song-Reading-Song […]

  • Old Heads at the Apothecary Cardiff

    Old Heads at the Apothecary Cardiff

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  • This just happened

    This just happened

    A big black fly fell dead from the sky. It hit me in the eye. This isn’t a lie. ***** (Here’s the proof)

  • Poems for competitions

    Poems for competitions

    Impact Delivery Reception That’s how it comes That’s how it goes As if from a parallel world where: You are a Goddess And I am not your lover But I am I am! ###

  • Nobody


    Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody nobody nobody Nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody NOBODY

  • Outside in October

    Outside in October

    Outside in October The stems of the bamboos in my neighbour’s garden are tall and waxy cream. Their leaves like the bad hair of an animated villain. They sway like an armoury of thin spears; rattle, sometimes, in the wind. It’s a small innocent valley, where the crabplant and the blonde-haired pampas jostle with potatoes; […]

  • how it all works – part 2

    click here for part 1 Contents: Always look on the bright side of life. People and a pigeon A walk into town to meet my wife from work and buy a new blender. We’ve been using a horrible cheap smoothie maker to make tofu for the past few years. Thankfully, it degenerated into a dysfuntional […]