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  • The Thing about Jill

    The Thing about Jill

    Extract from Work in Progress novel – The Flying Boy Audio here: Transcript below: You. You.You. It’s all about you isn’t it? Yes of course, you think. Who else is it going to be about? There is only you, in your life anyway. Is that sociopathic? Or some kind of pathic? You only know about […]

  • Extract from Chapter twenty of “The Three Bears”

    Extract from Chapter twenty of “The Three Bears”

    Let’s get the fucking paper the right way round. Let’s get the correct pen. Let’s get the fag rolled, the ashtray emptied, the fag lit and then let us begin. This is an exercise in creative writing, no, that’s Creative Writing, with two great big fucking capital letters, one at the beginning of each word […]

  • Cannabis is so much stronger than it was in the sixties?

    Cannabis is so much stronger than it was in the sixties?

    Cannabis is so much stronger than it was in the sixties? Short answer is: No, cannabis is not so much stronger than it was in the sixties. How do I know? Easy, I was there then and I’m here now. I started smoking cannabis on April 20th 1968 when I was sixteen. They say that […]

  • This is it

    This is it

    This, of course, is to no one. This is just me babbling in the dark, somewhere in the depths of the universe. This is no where. I am no one. But – things go on, around me, inside me, in other places I can’t imagine right now but may become known, in a small way, […]

  • Whodunnit?


    Whodunnit? You just might find out over the next two days. Tomorrow and Saturday, June 1st & 2nd, Cardiff Central Library is the location for the Crime and Coffee festival, a very special gathering to celebrate Crime Writing. Meet some award winning crime writers and find out what makes them tick, how they approach their […]

  • Writing between the lines

    Writing between the lines

    Discovered this snippet in a ‘journal’ from a few years ago The other day I was reading something – or listening to someone on the radio – a writer who said that they write by hand in unlined notebooks because they don’t want anyone or anything to tell him them where to write- i.e. between […]

  • Welsh Village at Night

    Welsh Village at Night

  • Poems for competitions

    Poems for competitions

    Impact Delivery Reception That’s how it comes That’s how it goes As if from a parallel world where: You are a Goddess And I am not your lover But I am I am! ###

  • Lord Harry for the ZX Spectrum

    Lord Harry for the ZX Spectrum

    One from the archives – a game I wrote for the Spectrum in 1983 Might do a T Shirt or a painting or both based on this

  • An Ordinary Bloke writes about the End of The Sixties

    An Ordinary Bloke writes about the End of The Sixties

    The Sixties are finally ending. The signs are everywhere. The characters that populate the sixties of our shared imagination are shuffling off their mortal coils faster than newly elected politicians shrugging off their promises. It won’t be long before finding a genuine sixties survivor will be almost as impossible as getting an honest Tory to […]

  • An Ordinary Bloke writes about (not) being vegan

    An Ordinary Bloke writes about (not) being vegan

    I’m just an ordinary bloke and I used to be a vegan. Is that a contradiction? Can you be a vegan and be ordinary? Can an ordinary bloke even be a vegan? What’s ordinary about being vegan? Well, it used to be impossible to be thought of as being ordinary and a vegan at the […]

  • wednesday, march 4, 1998

    wednesday, march 4, 1998

    radical writers gather at the dylan thomas centre on wednesday night in early march during st david’s week also known as ty llen in the maritime sector of swansea. with nigel jenkins, who says ‘i’m just a gower farm boy’ and ‘i make bugger all from my writing’, others discuss cabbage soup, and mike jenkins […]

  • Being 66

    Being 66

    Today is my 66th birthday. Because of the conditioning we gather from the weird cultural sewer we all bob around in, that feels like something I should be ashamed of. I mean who the hell wants to be 66 years old? That’s old, really old, beyond doubt old. You can kid yourself you still possess […]

  • Time Revisited

    Time Revisited

    (i) As the planets roll I am caught in a bubble on the sub-atomic motorway Trundling at the speed of light there is only one view, an overall that covers all and warms this creature All the magic of all the ages is contained in my pocket. (ii) The balls of our vision roll as […]

  • The Importance of being Earnest – in your art

    The Importance of being Earnest – in your art

    They say that art is sweat and tears You have to work at it for years You have to burn the midnight oil You have to suffer pain and toil You get distracted by the world By every precious boy and girl They just don’t realise it’s hard to keep it up when times are […]

  • Christmas coming fast

    Christmas coming fast

    Saturday-Bloody-Morning Christmas coming fast Should have been here Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday night perhaps The world has got a problem Only one? I hear you ask Well one that’s really pissed me off That awful shopping task We all come down together to fill our metal guts With putrefying blood and bones and other awful stuff […]

  • There’s always Hope

    There’s always Hope

    This is something I wrote nearly 24 years ago after attending an event at the Hay-On-Wye Festival Of Literature. Saturday May 21, 1994, 12:20pm ‘The First Novel’ A motley gathering of aspiring authors collect together under the grubby canvas of a  large marquee. Two hundred or so enthusiastic literary souls eagerly await the arrival of […]

  • It goes like this

    It goes like this

    it goes like this whooooosh Sometimes it goes like this piiiiiing or pinnnnng you understand me don’t you? there are gaps where you can fit galaxies universes even the theme is the same and time time it doesn’t care or it doesn’t matter m a t t e r – – – –

  • Happy World Toilet Day 2017

    Happy World Toilet Day 2017

  • Monkeys


    eerertertertertertertertert  drg dfg dfg dfg df d gd monkeys typing rubbish on a computer using a program called a word provcessor can somirtimes vatch a packet of stars ad live a litel more tha the earthworms thaey vonae form snfd then dee if they ahf es pacvker tof ticxod Monkeys can catch packets of stars […]