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  • Poetic Philosophy Science

    Poetic Philosophy Science

    If all the sub-atomic particles in my fingernail grew to the size of a small orange how big would my fingernail be? If every molecule of water in a full bath grew to the size of a drop of water how many baths would it take to hold them all? If you could read the […]

  • An early walk to the weir

    An early walk to the weir

    An early walk to the weir young gulls, learning loving, cold, water rushing, falling casual crows, black, white-necked, doves pecking, grass ducks, basking, blissfully, bathing, warm, bright, gold, late summer, sun river, tumbling endless, rushing, song Annie’s bench sitting, silently, thinking days, ahead, days, long gone. Again swans, duck, dive tails, aloft beaks, beneath, sparkling […]

  • Everything Changes

    Everything Changes

    A link to my songs on Bandcamp that I wrote some time ago and recorded last year along with Dafydd as Mwgwd

  • A deliberate poem – Brown Black Birds

    A deliberate poem – Brown Black Birds

    I wrote this poem yesterday while sitting in my car in a car park in Cardiff. It took around 15 minutes to write and another 2 minutes to record after reading it through. The original text was not edited and neither was the recording, but I was tempted. Sometimes the raw unedited material has something […]

  • Poem – Twin Towers

    Here is a poem written after the event Twin Towers I was wounded first – the blow caught me in the neck. I couldn’t breathe, then – with a whoosh of fire, my mouth opened and huge clouds of smoke fled out. I didn’t realise I had such energy, such love. I smiled when I […]

  • It’s a collage

    It’s a collage

    It’s a collage, that’s what it is, it’s a coll-fucking-age

  • some poetry work-in-progress – podcast

    some poetry work-in-progress – podcast

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  • Morning


    Just found this in an old word doc from February 2000 Morning

  • What are the secrets?

    What are the secrets?

    What are the secrets you’ve discovered today? Did you find out where the wizards play? Are they as wise as they claim? Or is it just a clever game? No one can win. No one can lose No one can challenge the life that you choose.

  • This just happened

    This just happened

    A big black fly fell dead from the sky. It hit me in the eye. This isn’t a lie. ***** (Here’s the proof)

  • Poems for competitions

    Poems for competitions

    Impact Delivery Reception That’s how it comes That’s how it goes As if from a parallel world where: You are a Goddess And I am not your lover But I am I am! ###

  • wednesday, march 4, 1998

    wednesday, march 4, 1998

    radical writers gather at the dylan thomas centre on wednesday night in early march during st david’s week also known as ty llen in the maritime sector of swansea. with nigel jenkins, who says ‘i’m just a gower farm boy’ and ‘i make bugger all from my writing’, others discuss cabbage soup, and mike jenkins […]

  • Time Revisited

    Time Revisited

    (i) As the planets roll I am caught in a bubble on the sub-atomic motorway Trundling at the speed of light there is only one view, an overall that covers all and warms this creature All the magic of all the ages is contained in my pocket. (ii) The balls of our vision roll as […]

  • The Importance of being Earnest – in your art

    The Importance of being Earnest – in your art

    They say that art is sweat and tears You have to work at it for years You have to burn the midnight oil You have to suffer pain and toil You get distracted by the world By every precious boy and girl They just don’t realise it’s hard to keep it up when times are […]

  • Christmas coming fast

    Christmas coming fast

    Saturday-Bloody-Morning Christmas coming fast Should have been here Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday night perhaps The world has got a problem Only one? I hear you ask Well one that’s really pissed me off That awful shopping task We all come down together to fill our metal guts With putrefying blood and bones and other awful stuff […]

  • Other People

    Other People

    Other People People Other People can appear strange They have different habits and they smell differently. For instance: they live in different houses with different chairs and different foods They drink from different cups. And it all adds up to strangeness Around this time of year (the festive season) They come closer They share our […]

  • It goes like this

    It goes like this

    it goes like this whooooosh Sometimes it goes like this piiiiiing or pinnnnng you understand me don’t you? there are gaps where you can fit galaxies universes even the theme is the same and time time it doesn’t care or it doesn’t matter m a t t e r – – – –

  • Monkeys


    eerertertertertertertertert  drg dfg dfg dfg df d gd monkeys typing rubbish on a computer using a program called a word provcessor can somirtimes vatch a packet of stars ad live a litel more tha the earthworms thaey vonae form snfd then dee if they ahf es pacvker tof ticxod Monkeys can catch packets of stars […]

  • Nobody


    Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody nobody nobody Nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody NOBODY

  • A Poem and a Painting (and a book)

    A Poem and a Painting (and a book)

    The full cover of Blodyn – my latest collection of poetry Blodyn the Book – Collected poems 2017 Blodyn the Painting – acrylic on board 520mm x 670mm (20″ x 26″), 2001 Blodyn the poem You are a creature Petal-haired Mouth-organ lipped Smudge nose askew You are a flower (an open flower) A head on […]