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  • It’s a collage

    It’s a collage

    It’s a collage, that’s what it is, it’s a coll-fucking-age

  • Call me a novelist

    Call me a novelist

    (This is a personal note to myself – please ignore.) I’m a writer. There’s no doubt about that, as you would see if you bothered to explore my website. It’s mostly about writing and most of it has been written – by me of course. Problem is ‘writer’ is too wide a term to be […]

  • Work in Progress – TV Scripts

    Work in Progress – TV Scripts

    I’m not sure what type of writing I prefer but if I can probably narrow it down to two – they are writing novels and writing film or TV scripts. I think it’s because each of those forms allow you to write proper ‘stories’ with plots and characters. For example it’s exciting to throw a […]

  • Tafftown – a new Cardiff based Soap Opera

    Tafftown – a new Cardiff based Soap Opera

    So, it looks like Tafftown is becoming a reality – when I say reality, of course I mean it’s not real, but it’s a drama of the sort that’s commonly known as a soap-opera – a term originally coined to mean a programme that depended on advertising revenues from soap (or washing powder) companies, or […]

  • Jack of Hearts

    Jack of Hearts

    IT was almost ground into the pavement outside the gift shop – a single playing card – the Jack of Hearts. I took a snap on my phone thinking I might post it to the Facebook group – Found Objects Forum. I often think about posting stuff to the group but rarely do – probably […]

  • what happened today

    “What is human emotion? Love, anger, fear – violence?” What does it mean to be human? Humans – Channel 4 Over the decades I’ve read hundreds of Science Fiction stories and so far there’s nothing new about Humans – Channel 4, Sunday June 14th, 9pm. That doesn’t mean it’s not good, I’m not sure about […]

  • Uncaged – Script

    Another script developed with TAPS, this time for their Continuing Drama course. It’s a domestic: UNCAGED SCRIPT 2010

  • Bumps in the Night

    TAPS – Television Arts Performance Showcase were an organisation whose aim was to discover and develop scriptwriters for television. They did pretty good for a long time then, I believe, the recession put paid to them in 2009. I was involved in a number of their schemes and wrote a short drama with them in […]

  • All about Alex

    A script for a short TV drama, written as a sample script to demonstrate all the elements, it’s “All about Alex” a frustrated young DJ Click here to read/download the script as a Word document

  • Midnight Comes

    This is a script developed with TAPS with a view to getting it produced by ITV for the It’s My Shout scheme. In the end it didn’t make the final cut but got as far as a reading and development at the BBC studios in Cardiff. Anyway – here it is. Midnight Comes Script 2010