How to Kill a Lamb

How to Kill a Lamb

(written a good few years ago)

A man – Kenneth, stands alone over a table, he’s admiring a big knife, turning it over in his hand and watching the light glint on the blade.

A younger man – Sam, comes in timidly.

Kenneth looks around at Sam, the knife still in his hand.

KENNETH: You the new boy?

SAM: Well . . . yes.

KENNETH: You done this sort of thing before?

SAM: Well . . . no.

KENNETH: Where you worked before then?

SAM: In a record shop.

KENNETH: Is that it?

SAM: Well . . . I worked in a restaurant once.

KENNETH: What sort of restaurant?

SAM: A vegetarian restaurant.

KENNETH: You’re not a vegetarian are you?

SAM: Well . . . no.

KENNETH: Good. Now what did she tell you?

SAM: What do you mean?

KENNETH: Did she tell you exactly what the job involves.

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