Two Black Cats – a Painting

This is a photo of my painting Two Black Cats in the Garden

it’s painted in acrylics on a canvas board and it’s no longer in my possession

The painting was part of an exhibition I held shortly after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. There was some interest in the painting during the exhibition, one woman in particular was very interested in it but couldn’t decide whether to buy it or not.

The painting was inspired by a pair of mad black cats we got from the RSPCA a year or two earlier. We went through a comprehensive vetting process before we were allowed to bring the cats home, involving questionnaires and home visits.

Unfortunately, the cats never settled in. They were basically feral and I’ve still got scars after my altercations with them. We persevered however, and worked hard to make them feel at home until eventually they started behaving like well-adjusted domestic cats.

Unfortunately again, my wife developed a life-threatening allergy to the cats and after a visit to the emergency department of the local hospital, where steroid injections were necessary to restore her breathing, we reluctantly took them back to the RSPCA.

As the exhibition was coming to  close, the gallery asked me if I would donate a painting for an auction they were planning to help the victims of the tsunami. Not wanting the embarrassment of handing over a painting that would fail to sell, I gave them the Two Cats painting, knowing that there had been some interest in it.

A few days later I got a phone call from the woman who had nearly bought the painting during the exhibition saying she would like to buy it after all.

Of course I told her about the auction and she seemed delighted saying she would be going along to bid for it.

She phoned me again a few days after the auction asking advice about framing. I referred her to a framing shop in town who I knew would do a good job with my masterpiece.

I didn’t ask her how much she paid for it in case it was a silly amount like a fiver or something.

I’m glad she got it, but I still miss it.

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