Croeso – Welcome

Herein you will find scribbles and daubs, words and images, poems, photos and paintings, stories and comment; some stuff will be finely cut like a diamond, while some other stuff will be like a shattering of smashed glass.

Both glass and diamonds are nothing without light, so I can promise there is a light in all the work here and every glimmer is precious.

Scroll and click for more, tarry awhile and turn over some stones.

Here’s a poem from ‘Blodyn’ – my new collection.

Stopping Stone
Here we have a stopping stone
a place to pause and be alone
Take it in your hand and stare
at nothing in particular
Rub it clean and roll it round
make it tumble on the ground
Chuck it, kick it, lob it high
watch it dropping from the sky
Let it rest, be on your way
thank it humbly for today
Tomorrow someone else will pause
have their day, and think of yours.







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