It’s not too late to say sorry

The world we thought we understood is in meltdown after the victories of Donald Trump and the Brexiteers, and there is a general air of despondency lingering like cheap perfume around most of the people I know. I think this is because they belong to the demographic now being referred to by the victors as ‘Libtards’, i.e. Liberal Retards.

The Trump protest in Cardiff

I suspect that many people who don’t normally vote actually made an effort and took part in those elections in order to stick it to what they were told is the privileged elite. If that’s true then I can understand why, since they probably share my under-privileged working-class background and have no connection to the smug comfortably-off professionals who, over the decades, came to dominate government and political organisations like the Labour Party in the UK and no doubt the Democratic Party in the USA.

As for me, despite my own background as a trade unionist and a Labour voter I actually stopped voting for Labour after the Iraq war began in 2003, when it became obvious that New Labour commanders like Tony Blair, Jack Straw and the rest of them were lying, treacherous bastards and just as greedy as the Tories I have always despised. Since then, when I could be bothered to vote at all, I have been sharing my crosses between the Green Party and Plaid Cymru. It’s never been a positive choice, just a protest vote to register my contempt for what the Labour Party has become.

Yet, for a Libtard like me, it’s still hard to understand what motivated the Trumpers and Brexiteers to vote in such a self-destructive way. Maybe I’m naïve but I can’t accept that all those people who voted like that are either very evil or very stupid. It can’t be so simple or so dreadful. No, I won’t believe it – there must be other reasons, and I don’t mean something as simple as ‘there’s too many immigrants’.

After much soul-searching I believe that the reason people voted that way is due to a toxic mixture of brainwashing and neglect. The brainwashing comes from the few truly bad people, like Nigel and Donald, and the shadowy figures who lurk behind them, whispering poisonous hatred into their ears. Poison that is then regurgitated disguised as valid opinion onto the rest of us through a complicit media. And the damaging neglect has long been meted out by the comfortably-off doyens that infest political parties like Labour and the Liberal Democrats, parties that owe their continued existence to left-wing, socialist ideals and the generosity and support of mostly working-class families.

What difference does it make who you vote for when you are disrespected and neglected by those who you trusted to look after you? What does it matter if it’s Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn holding court in Downing Street? You just want to slap the people who devalued your life. But of course you can’t slap anyone, because they have taken all your power away and keep themselves protected behind armies of cannon-fodder drawn from your ranks. You know that Trump and Farage are not really going to deliver what they said they’re going to deliver, except maybe for one key thing. Yes, whatever other promises are broken you know that the liberal establishment could do with that slap, and Trump and Farage will at least deliver it on your behalf, even if it leads to a collapse of the fragile truce that keeps communities and nations from decimating each other.

So, is there an answer? Perhaps, if it’s not too late, there is a way to halt this descent into a terrible dystopian future, but we must begin now and it must begin with a massive apology from the Libtard leaders. We are sorry, they must say, sorry for disrespecting and patronising you, sorry for ignoring you, sorry for taking you for granted, sorry for lying, sorry for using and abusing you.

For the sake of world peace, the first two people who should stand up and apologise are Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton, closely followed by Barack Obama and David Cameron. After them the streams of contrition should flow into every over-privileged capillary of society, by way of Westminster and the overpaid bankers, civil servants, media bunnies, local authority executives, academics, and the rest.

The apologies should be followed by a period of listening, and then formulating a new inclusive approach to politics. Those people with the financial and the political power, and let’s face it they are always the same people, had better start respecting and cherishing the rest of us, because even if it’s not too late already, the whole rotten edifice will collapse and the people who will lose the most are the people with the most to lose.



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