Reporters in Time


from The Words in Me

Reporters in Time

It’s the beginning of the universe
and I’m here – live
It’s difficult to see
through the cosmic smog
I haven’t yet caught
a glimpse of God

What I can tell you, is
it’s not what you think
un-describable emptiness
dumb-blind nothingness
not very interesting really
back to the studio

Well, we’ll return there
to the beginning of time
where space emerges
after we visit
our man at the end
where even light bends

Well, hello, I think I can see
the start of the end
The Almighty’s big joke
I can almost hear
him laughing
But it’s quiet and bleak

We’ll rejoin the start
when we’ve sorted the glitches
For now our correspondent reports
on the bit in-between
where there have been developments
over to you

Hello – here’s a montage
of sub-atomic particles
and everlasting energy
where planets and suns
spin in the firmament
and creatures ingest
the material

I witnessed it all
from the first ball
from the first run
of the sperm
to the egg

I heard of a place
where, despite incontrovertible evidence
a consciousness formed
a reality

Until we realised and came to accept
randomness wins
every time

Now of course with our knowledge
with our celluloid snare
with our sealed-up existence
we make sense of the fog
There must be a God
We’ll soon know

Thank you for watching
for hearing for feeling
Thank you for tuning
your mind to our meaning

Let us feed off your blood
and infest your being
give us your energy
for a while

How is it looking
over there in Creation?
How are things shaping
in the time of Destruction?
What can you tell us?
What can you see?
Over to you
let’s begin

Well thank you studio
but there’s nothing to say
nothing to dwell on
apart from the grey

I’d love to say fireworks
and mind-numbing sound
the biggest of bangs
Divine Light all around
But in the beginning
it all seems to me
like a day-trip to empty

And here at the end
there’s nothing as well
there’s little to see
less even to tell

As soon as we get something
we’ll return to the scene
for now relax and enjoy
the music we made

Observe the patterns
in the grains of the sand
feel the breath of fire
on your hand
Hang on!
Something’s happening
at both ends
at once

Yes I’m happy to tell you
the beginning’s begun
The greyness unfolds
there’s something, someone
Wait just a moment
the view’s getting good
there’s something beyond me
not yet understood

And me, all the waiting’s
paid off as it goes
the end is upon me
it’s all making sense
the black hole is calling

I’ll have to go in
Bear with me a moment

It’s getting exciting
it’s finally here
the camera’s ready
the instruments tuned
the sensors are waiting
it’s gonna be soon

Ah! The speakers are crackling
The pictures are dim
There’s a technical problem
Cut back to singing

While we’re all waiting
for the techies to work
let’s check the developments
back here on Earth

We started with nothing
began to explode
absorbing the energy
our purpose exposed

And now we’ve reviewed
and picked apart all
There’s no more to say

there’s no one to call

We’ll wait for reports


Now there’s life in the links
the picture is clear
The message is simple
there was nothing to fear

Our man at the end
meets his very best friend



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