The pomegranate seed

I cut open a pomegranate and popped its seeds into a white bowl. They were vibrant and red, they glistened and said: look at us, look at us; we’re beautiful. Look at how we sit together,  blush together,  live together,  give together. I had to agree; they were what they said they were.


What about me? a little one said. Look at me, am I not beautiful too? Am I not vibrant? Do I not glisten? The red seeds smiled, and embraced. I laughed, and ate the bloody lot of them.




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3 responses to “The pomegranate seed”

  1. Alan J.Torry avatar
    Alan J.Torry

    You heartless beast you….typical PMC….I expected nothing less! Nice imagery though, makes me feel like running down to Tesco to get one of my own,,,but then; I’m on the horns of a dilemma here, do I put the juicy red seeds in a bowl and stuff my chops with them like I guess you did?,,,,Or do I eat the seeds tidy like, with a pin, like I used to when I was a kid?. Oh bollocks! I’m gonna get my-self two, a matched pair no less. Now isn’t this how advertising works?

  2. DJ avatar

    Ha! I did consider using a pin but fancied a handful 😉

    Yes I shovelled them in!!!

    Merry Ho Ho Ho

  3. Alan J.Torry avatar
    Alan J.Torry

    I guessed you would! Add to that comment – ‘You heartless beast you’ this further observation – You dirty beast you….You always were one for grabbing a handful if the opportunity presented itself. Hohoho and a merry hahaha to you too old chap. 🙂

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