Old Poems 2

The second instalment from the old poems book dated 1970/1971

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Feeling very good and
knowing what we all should
I smile

Looking all around and listening
to the best sounds
I laugh

Finding there a hold and
doing what I’ve not been told
I sigh

I am wrong
I know again
But knowledge is selfish

And I want to tell you this
I feel so very guilty
Is this as it should be

Yes I say
but I feel guilty
But just for today.


This one is probably just about being stoned and feeling smug, and subsequently feeling guilty about feeling smug and then excusing myself by saying that it’s ‘just for today’.

Levitation – hallucination
or is it the reality
Revolution – evolution
or is it a never-be
This is all that comes to
At times when I’m not too
To think ’bout what
tomorrow’ll be
Oh, and how’d ya get your
denims flared

Preoccupation with what is real and what is not. Questioning the meaning of life, the universe and everything, maybe getting scared with these thoughts on the nature of reality, then finally coming down to the prosaic and realising we all need to get by in this world, whatever it is.


I’m humble, and proud of it
Just a little parody

What it says I suppose?

(A song)
I am alone at the foot of a hill
I so want to climb it
But want to stay still
I see the sun rising over the top
I so want to grab it
But it’s too bloody hot
I see the sun going down once again
I so want to chase it
But the night is my friend

Cos I’m / / hiding from the light /
/ / / / happy in the night /
/ / / / Frightened of the sight /
/ / / / Of the light that makes / me
Uptight ~~~~ ~ # # ~~ ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~

I’m not alone at the foot
of this hill
I’m going to climb it
With you if you will.
I gotta new pair of gloves for
my hands
I’m going to grab it
The heat I can stand

Being alone, being with a partner, able to face things together.

Ever since I wrote these song lyrics I’ve had the tune in my head. If I ever learn how to play a musical instrument I’ll write that tune and try and sing the song. This is something I have always hankered after but never pursued – learning how to play a guitar or a piano and learning how to sing too. Maybe it’s not too late?

To be Continued . . .



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