Should One Worm?

Should one worm,

stop me eating peaches,

for the rest of my life?

It all started years ago

There is a picture

of me

There is me

and my family

on a summer

The peach was lush

just soft enough

not mush

It was a large peach

large and juicy

its yellowy tones

a beautiful post-modern abstraction

Some tree

some far away tree

growing in the light

laughed as its fruit fell

and I felt that laugh

like a warm glow on my cheek

reminding me of sunshine

I bit, my eyes closed

anticipating sweet pleasure

The flesh burst in my mouth

showering the focus of my sensual


flowing like sweet nectar

from the womb

in that moment

I saw

that light.

If I’d opened my eyes then,

I could have been in Africa

Atlantis even

exploring Andromeda

but –

the stone split

made me spit its bits

and in its red heart

A worm, a white maggot

I retched.

should one worm

stop me eating peaches

for the rest of my life?






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