Who’s Who?

– There’s a letter from Cardiff on the table in the hall.
– Oh yeah.
– Yep.
– It’s for you.
– Thanks.
– Aren’t you going to open it then?
– Later.
– Oh! Right.
– How was it today?
– What? Work?
– Yep, you know, how was your day?
– Fine, and you?
– Quiet, boring.
– Never mind.
– I was wondering, you know, fancy a drink, tonight?
– Tonight? OK then, where did you think of going?
– Just up the pub.
– The Butcher’s?
– If you like.
– All right. Have you made any food?
– Got some pizza in the oven.
– Lovely.
– So, did you have any bother?
– What do you mean?
– Did you have any bother in work? You know, you said the other day that that bloke was mucking you about; the new supervisor.
– Oh, him, no, no bother with him, I just overreacted, you know.
– Oh.
– Well, how long have I got?
– Uh? Oh, for food. You mean, when’s the pizza going to be ready.
– Yeah.
– Half an hour.
– Got time for a shower then.
– I suppose.
– What’s the matter with you?
– What do you mean?
– You’re very sullen.
– I’m not.
– Right, see you in a bit then.
– The water’s warm, you could have a bath, if you want.
– Did you get bubbles?
– I’ve been working, and cooking.
– It’s all right. I wasn’t . . . . .
– It doesn’t stop, does it? I really have been working you know.
– I never said . . .
– Sorry.
– I’d better get on with it then.
– OK. Oh, your mother phoned.
– What did she want?
– Don’t know, didn’t ask.
– You weren’t horrible to her, were you?
– She thought you had a day off. She didn’t seem to want to talk to me at all.
– Well, you can’t blame her, after what you did.
– How much did you tell her?
– I’ve got no-one else to talk to.
– What about me?
– You – are the problem.
– Who do you know in Cardiff then?
– I bet that’s been bugging you all day, it’s a wonder you didn’t try to steam it open.
– Just wondering.
– You don’t trust me, do you?
– Well . . .
– Look, I can’t help it if you haven’t got a life.
– But I have, I work from home now, you know that.
– Look, I really need that shower.
– Sorry, you go ahead.
– Thank you very much sir.
– No need to be so sarcastic.
– You’d better check that pizza.
– It’s all right, the oven’s on very low, I spent a lot of time on that pizza, I’m not going to ruin it now. It’s a very complicated process, making it from scratch, no wonder people just pick up the phone.
– I didn’t ask you to make food for me; I don’t even like pizza that much.
– Excuse me.
– Sorry.
– Are you all right?
– I’m tired.
– Had a long day?
– Yes, I suppose so.
– Never mind, have a long soak in the bath.
– What about the pizza?
– It can wait.
– Thanks.
– I love you.
– I know.







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