Some unedited odds and ends

Works in Progress

The Shop

there’s a shop up in Albany Road
– a supermarket actually
it’s always rammed
trolleys jammed
students, suits and shirkers
academics, social workers
it’s too much for me
I’d rather be
in bed

What I See

It’s raining here in Shropshire
He had a temperature of a hundred and something
I was talking like that
for about a fortnight
Ruined my image
‘singing in the rain’
An observation
that is all
This is what I see
it doesn’t mean
it’s true for you
it’s something just for me
But if I say it loud and proud
you’re likely to look up
our eyes will touch
and truth may pass
and that will be enough

What does a dog do?

Looks for love
for a warm bed
for a feed
for a run in the sun
for company
for belonging
we are dogs

The Madness

it seems funny now
the madness
it was the only way to cope
it had to come screaming
burning and scalding
erasing, razing through
slash and burn
slash and burn
redo from start
a cleansing
Ah! A cleansing.

Then and Now

there was a then
there is a now
there will be something else
all this will pass
the good
the bad
the in-between
and only love will last

Under the Stone

it’s damp under the stone
and life can live there
it’s dark under the stone
and light can shine there
it’s cold under the stone
and love can grow there
it’s a habitat
An environment is where you live
and love and grow
it’s where you glow
it’s here
it’s where you belong

This Place

this place is neither here nor there
it’s everywhere


Just the cold air
and sometimes the light


splashing light
stream springs
gushing, flushing, flowing
cleansing, quenching
swelling welling wetting
a cascade
satin surface







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