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  • It’s a collage

    It’s a collage

    It’s a collage, that’s what it is, it’s a coll-fucking-age

  • There’s always Hope

    There’s always Hope

    This is something I wrote nearly 24 years ago after attending an event at the Hay-On-Wye Festival Of Literature. Saturday May 21, 1994, 12:20pm ‘The First Novel’ A motley gathering of aspiring authors collect together under the grubby canvas of a  large marquee. Two hundred or so enthusiastic literary souls eagerly await the arrival of […]

  • An ordinary bloke writes about the Gents

    An ordinary bloke writes about the Gents

    Due to my cisgender conditioning the inside of women’s public toilets are not familiar to me, but as someone who seems to urinate twice as much as I drink I am a frequent visitor to the Gents. Maybe I’m anti-social but I’ve got to the point where I prefer to use a cubicle even if […]

  • Helo


    I can’t do anything better than anecdotal and observational so I might be wrong and I can’t be bothered to do any real research because if I’m right it would be a waste of time since no one would read this anyway. I mean even if I don’t bother to do any research and this […]

  • The Artistic Imperative

    The Artistic Imperative

    The Artistic Imperative * Warning – this is a self-indulgent ramble * When I was young I was told I was very clever. ‘You are so intelligent,’ they used to say. I was also a very nice kid – generous, gentle, helpful and uncomplaining. I was full of life – ‘Fond of play’ as my […]

  • Tafftown – a new Cardiff based Soap Opera

    Tafftown – a new Cardiff based Soap Opera

    So, it looks like Tafftown is becoming a reality – when I say reality, of course I mean it’s not real, but it’s a drama of the sort that’s commonly known as a soap-opera – a term originally coined to mean a programme that depended on advertising revenues from soap (or washing powder) companies, or […]

  • Overheard on a train

    Overheard on a train on the Heart of Wales railway line. Notes found on a scrap of paper in one of my old files. I’m not sure when this was, probably in the last ten years. 4 girls ‘The annoying thing is all the boys said – don’t, he’s gonna cheat on you.’ ‘He took […]

  • Uncaged – Script

    Another script developed with TAPS, this time for their Continuing Drama course. It’s a domestic: UNCAGED SCRIPT 2010

  • Bumps in the Night

    TAPS – Television Arts Performance Showcase were an organisation whose aim was to discover and develop scriptwriters for television. They did pretty good for a long time then, I believe, the recession put paid to them in 2009. I was involved in a number of their schemes and wrote a short drama with them in […]

  • All about Alex

    A script for a short TV drama, written as a sample script to demonstrate all the elements, it’s “All about Alex” a frustrated young DJ Click here to read/download the script as a Word document

  • Web Street – Soap on the Web

    The nostalgic mood continues. Here are the first two episodes of a soap-opera / drama thing I started writing specifically for publication on the Internet in its early days – 1996. The idea was that it would be published online in short sharp episodes using only text in a visual style, though there were always […]

  • Midnight Comes

    This is a script developed with TAPS with a view to getting it produced by ITV for the It’s My Shout scheme. In the end it didn’t make the final cut but got as far as a reading and development at the BBC studios in Cardiff. Anyway – here it is. Midnight Comes Script 2010