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  • Croeso – Welcome

    Croeso – Welcome

    NOTE: THIS SITE IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REDESIGNED SO MAY BE A BIT WONKY What’s it all about then? No one’s got a clue really, but we try to do our best. This website exists to display a bit of one person’s attempts to do their best. When I say ‘best’ I’m not […]

  • Lottery – A short Story

    Lottery – A short Story

    Branwen’s mobile phone shivered in her hand. It was Harry, her hyperactive younger brother. He was always a distraction. He could be a bit too much sometimes, but she was in a generous, and bored, mood. “Are you in?” Harry said excitedly. “I’m outside – buzz me up.” Branwen obliged. One minute later Harry stumbled […]

  • Opening Chapter Dec 2001

    Opening Chapter Dec 2001

    This is something I wrote in 2001, that’s nearly twenty-one years ago as I write this. It’s either genius or a piece of shit. I suppose it could even be both. You decide! (or not, I don’t care)

  • It’s a collage

    It’s a collage

    It’s a collage, that’s what it is, it’s a coll-fucking-age

  • Morning


    Just found this in an old word doc from February 2000 Morning

  • 2 Old Heads at The Apothecary Cardiff

    I don’t really know how it got to this but in eleven days time on April 3rd I am doing a sort of gig. Poster below. It’s a very small venue but an interesting one. here’s the event link on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/317730898881281/ Some of my paintings will be on display and for sale in the […]

  • Does this pen work?

    Does this pen work?



    Kindle versions of some of my books are on a FREE promotion for a limited time Click on the links below to access the books BUMS Dead Flowers For the Time Being Boys from the Backfields Cheats and Liars The Three Bears

  • A couple of television scripts Work in Progress

    A couple of television scripts Work in Progress

    A couple of probably failed TV scripts from some dark corner of my hard drive Blood Brother Winners and Losers- TV Script – 2017

  • 2021: The Truth about the last 4 years

    2021: The Truth about the last 4 years

    Something has to be written about these times; sorry that my skills are not as good as they should be. There is nothing I can do about that – my skills are the only skills that are available. I am the only one left and time is running out, so there is no time to […]

  • Careful what you wish for . . .

    Careful what you wish for . . .

    At the end of next week – on Saturday January 7th, I will be appearing on stage at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff along with a wonderfully disparate bunch of performers (which is what you might expect considering it’s a Wyrd Wonder happening). I won’t explain too much here but there is more info […]

  • No style, no substance

    No style, no substance

    What do I mean? I mean this is a short story with no style and no substance. Why? Why not? Style is taste, substance is an illusion. Fair enough, but I don’t understand. You don’t need to. I mean I don’t understand the point of it. Of what? Your short story. This. Nor me. In […]

  • The BEBS Award for Best Ever Book

    The BEBS Award for Best Ever Book

    Well, I did it, I won the Best Ever Book Award. The BEBS is a very prestigious award made just once – I mean how could it be awarded more than once – it’s for the Best Ever Book after all. My latest book ‘To Me’ beat all other competition from all time, past, present […]

  • Some Shadow

    Some Shadow

    The path to the cabin was choked with brambles; that was good. It meant that no one had been near the place for months at least. Jack laughed. ‘Ssh,’ Emma said. ‘No, it’s all right now,’ he said. ‘Look – there’s no sign of another human being – we’ll be safe here.’ ‘But it’s not […]

  • Starburst


    I’m just leaving the Co-op Shop and I’ve got a bag of “All Original Starburst Chews, Bursting With Real Fruit Juiciness”, a Grab-Bag of Walkers Salt and Vinegar Crisps, the last manky copy of today’s Guardian newspaper and one Silk Cut cigarette. I’ve got more cigarettes at home, of course, loads of them. Thing is, […]

  • The Richest Man in the World

    The Richest Man in the World

    I am the richest man in the world. They say I am a recluse, I am afraid of doorknobs, I shower in purified water a dozen times a day, and I eat nothing but the flesh of sterilised fruit. It’s true; I am the richest man in the world, the rest doesn’t matter, it’s of […]

  • Captive (Short Story)

    Captive (Short Story)

    “This too must pass.” These words have helped me in my long ordeal. They ring in my head like a mantra almost every minute that I’m stuck here in this God-forsaken pit of a room. If I divide the days into hours and the hours into minutes and the minutes into seconds and think only […]

  • Breaking the Rules

    Breaking the Rules

    Wednesday night: I met this fit girl in the pub; we exchanged phone numbers. I wrote hers on a pack of silver Rizla cigarette papers. I don’t want to appear too keen – treat ‘em mean and all that, so I had an idea. There’s fifty papers in the packet. I’ve decided that if she […]

  • Dead Flowers – a short story

    Dead Flowers – a short story

    Twenty-seven people were killed or injured when the bomb exploded. I happened to be travelling past on the bus, but I was only shaken up a little. I went to help of course; I am a doctor after all. I attended to three of the victims. Mair died on the spot and Alice lost a […]

  • Born to Lose – (short story)

    Born to Lose – (short story)

    Walter? What sort of a name was that to give to a child born in 1995? Walter Andrew Nankeville. You don’t need much imagination to know what nickname he acquired in later life. To be fair his parents were decent sorts, hard working and honest, and they only wanted the best for their one, and […]