It’s not too late to say sorry

The world we thought we understood is in meltdown after the victories of Donald Trump and the Brexiteers, and there is a general air of despondency lingering like cheap perfume around most of the people I know. I think this is because they belong to the demographic now being referred to by the victors as ‘Libtards’, i.e. Liberal Retards.

The Trump protest in Cardiff

I suspect that many people who don’t normally vote actually made an effort and took part in those elections in order to stick it to what they were told is the privileged elite. If that’s true then I can understand why, since they probably share my under-privileged working-class background and have no connection to the smug comfortably-off professionals who, over the decades, came to dominate government and political organisations like the Labour Party in the UK and no doubt the Democratic Party in the USA. Continue reading “It’s not too late to say sorry”

Message to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme

A personal message to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme

BBC Election Weblog

Not strictly an article but this seems like the right place for this.

In the run up to the 2005 General Election, the BBC Radio 4’s Today program put out a call for listeners to keep a weblog of their take on the proceedings. I sent in a sample of my writing and eventually they asked me to do it. There were about 8 or 9 listeners chosen to represent different parts of the UK.

This is a copy of that weblog, now no longer available on the BBC website. As this is an archive copy, some of the links may be out of date. Continue reading “BBC Election Weblog”