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  • It’s a collage

    It’s a collage

    It’s a collage, that’s what it is, it’s a coll-fucking-age

  • about Busted and Crime and Coffee etc.mp3

    about Busted and Crime and Coffee etc.mp3

    just another rambling podcast partly about the book launch of Busted the other day

  • Busted – new novel coming soon

    ‘Busted’ is a story about a struggling businessman and his family who get involved with some serious criminals. Set in the large coastal town of Elchurch in the 1990’s Busted is a straightforward story and a satisfying read. I actually wrote this story in the 1990’s but basically shoved it in a drawer (well on […]

  • wednesday, march 4, 1998

    wednesday, march 4, 1998

    radical writers gather at the dylan thomas centre on wednesday night in early march during st david’s week also known as ty llen in the maritime sector of swansea. with nigel jenkins, who says ‘i’m just a gower farm boy’ and ‘i make bugger all from my writing’, others discuss cabbage soup, and mike jenkins […]

  • A Poem and a Painting (and a book)

    A Poem and a Painting (and a book)

    The full cover of Blodyn – my latest collection of poetry Blodyn the Book – Collected poems 2017 Blodyn the Painting – acrylic on board 520mm x 670mm (20″ x 26″), 2001 Blodyn the poem You are a creature Petal-haired Mouth-organ lipped Smudge nose askew You are a flower (an open flower) A head on […]

  • An ordinary bloke writes about being culled

    An ordinary bloke writes about being culled

    Have you ever been ‘culled’? Yes, removed from the herd because you are surplus to requirements; more than that – you are persona non grata. I’m talking about social media in general and Facebook in particular. The other day I was browsing my wife’s Facebook page, as you do. After decades of being together we […]

  • verses for a purpose

    verses for a purpose

    (This is a very raw and unedited bit of rambling, posted here as an example of the sort of thing that I write when I’m thinking about what to write but can’t actually get writing.) Around ten past midnight on the cusp of Monday February 7th and Tuesday February 8th, 2017. I wrote a little […]

  • Everyone’s a Writer and an Artist now

    Everyone’s a Writer and an Artist now

    Apart from the odd shopping list or doodle, there was a time when the content most people created was limited to school work or writing reports at work. When the Internet took hold a small proportion of people started keeping blogs or journals of their thoughts online. Then Facebook and Twitter and all the other […]

  • To Me – New Book coming soon

    To Me – New Book coming soon

    To Me is the title of my next book. It’s been written specifically for myself and it is dedicated To Me, but I don’t mind if others read it. I think everyone should have their own ‘To Me’ book. Luckily I have the experience and skills to publish my own. Using Print on Demand it […]

  • The Artistic Imperative

    The Artistic Imperative

    The Artistic Imperative * Warning – this is a self-indulgent ramble * When I was young I was told I was very clever. ‘You are so intelligent,’ they used to say. I was also a very nice kid – generous, gentle, helpful and uncomplaining. I was full of life – ‘Fond of play’ as my […]

  • BUMS – Limited Edition Hardback available now!!

    I had an unexpected arrival this morning. It was a cardboard box containing the first dozen copies of my new Novel ‘Bums’. This is the first consignment of what is a limited hardback edition of 200 books. It’s the first time I’ve published a hard-cover book and it’s turned out brilliantly. In the end it […]

  • BUMS – New novel is almost ready to publish

    Bums is my next novel – it is the first in a trilogy featuring Detective Inspector Frank Lee – the next two books are titled Beats and Bones and will be released next year. Bums will first be available as a limited edition hardback – that will be available by the end of September. The […]

  • a fat manuscript

    With a bit of luck today will mostly be about beginning the final proofreading and possible minor edits of my ‘Bums’ manuscript . . . I’ve printed it out as a galley proof on one side of A4. This is so that there is plenty of free space to scribble comments and edits. I much […]

  • Bums Cover again

    I don’t know whether this cover that’s emerged into the pixellated light is going to make it all the way to print or whether it will be completely rethought and redesigned. I think I need to leave it for a bit while the final proofreading of the text (81,900 words – 260 pages) takes place […]

  • Wednesday Woes

    I’m Wednesday’s child and therefore reputedly full of woe. There is, in the bottom of a biscuit tin somewhere in my mother’s attic, a creased black and white photograph of me at around 3 years old and if the expression I’m wearing in it is a typical one then there’s something in those old nursery […]

  • Writers in Wales

    Writers in Modern Wales are undervalued and unfairly treated, just as writers have always been. ** This article first appeared in the New Welsh Review, Winter 1999/2000 ** (but it’s still relevant) “No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.” Dr Samuel Johnson “I’m just a Gower farm boy and I make bugger […]

  • Shakespeare did it for himself?

    This article first appeared on Adopt an Indie Shakespeare never needed the big six When I started to write this I came up with what I thought was rather a clever little pun. “In his time ‘Shakespeare was no great shakes’. Hang on, I thought, let me google that just in case it’s been used […]