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  • Glastonbury 1998

    It was 1998, 27 years after my only other visit to the Glastonbury Festival. I’d always wanted to go back to see if it was the magical mystical place that had stayed with me and influenced my life so much.   (There is an account of my experiences at Glastonbury 1971 – here)   I […]

  • Glastonbury 1971 – Episode 3

    Glastonbury 1971 – Episode Three Click for Episode 1 or Episode 2 I found a way through the gridlines of power or whatever they were and saw the sign for the Release tent. I didn’t know much about them other than that they were a charity that helped drug users. A face loomed out of […]

  • Glastonbury 1971 – Episode 2

    Glastonbury 1971 Episode Two Click for Episode 1 or Episode 3 It’s likely that this narrative will get a little jumbled up at this point. There are a few reasons for this, principally, I suppose, is that it’s about events that happened 43 years ago, but also because the events that happened were experienced while […]

  • Glastonbury 1971 – Episode 1

    Glastonbury 1971 – Episode One I have to tell you that even though this is about my experiences at the Glastonbury Festival in 1971, I am only now, 43 years later, writing it down in this form. I also have to tell you that in my opinion, 43 years is a bloody long time, and […]