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  • Careful what you wish for . . .

    Careful what you wish for . . .

    At the end of next week – on Saturday January 7th, I will be appearing on stage at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff along with a wonderfully disparate bunch of performers (which is what you might expect considering it’s a Wyrd Wonder happening). I won’t explain too much here but there is more info […]

  • There’s Always Burnt Jam

    There’s Always Burnt Jam

    I thought I’d written about this before but can’t find it anywhere. I know I did write a poem at least, and I know it ended with the line ‘But there’s always burnt jam.’ I can’t find that either. I wonder how many other poems or snippets of writing I’ve lost, many of them on […]

  • Detritus on Llanelli Beach

    Detritus on Llanelli Beach

    We visited Llanelli Beach yesterday. There were little piles of material along the tidelines. The piles contained a mixture of natural and man-made material. After decades of humankind’s neglect and selfishness God knows how much of this crap is in the sea. When viewing the images, scroll down and click to view images full size […]