Endless Painting


Acrylic on Canvas
80 cm x 1000 cm, 32″ x 40″



Oil on Canvas – 12″ x 16″ approx – 30 x 40cm

Paint Art

What to do when you’re bored with stumbling


You get an idea in your head and next thing you know it’s occurring. I thought I might get rid of – by burning – a load of old paintings that were damaged or irredeemable in some way so I piled them up like a bonfire. I lit it. Then realised how stupid I was because a) It was just an idea, and b) the paint would burn and pollute – phew – I stamped the germ of the fire out and went back indoors for a cuppa before tackling the task of getting the paintings back in the shed.

Here’s the paintings piled up:

Ten minutes later I went back outside and this is what I saw:



Well, here she is, it’s . . . .


She’s lovely, don’t you think?

Acrylic on board