I've never really understood poetry, I don't think anyone does; but I am sometimes compelled to write poems. My first collection, The Words in Me was published in 2005 by Opening Chapter.

Finding a Voice
They say find your voice,
these esteemed poets.
So I tried.
I looked on top of the linepost
and there it was,
so I thought.
I crawled under the shed
and the worms cried
so I heard.
I wandered into the kitchen,
turned the tap on,
so I drank.
I looked in the attic, the bedroom, the garden
and the outside loo.
I looked in my shoe.
Then I looked in the mirror
and opened my mouth,
and there it was,
I'd swallowed it.


You're Fab
There are those that wake with still closed eyes
And grunt and hide and live in lies
They swallow anything that comes
And lay to rest with nothing done

Then there are the ones that see
That live their own humanity
They show their beauty in the night
And when they leave they leave a light

about the poet

For me, poetry is about the inherent power and beauty of words. A poem can illuminate an aspect of life and touch our humanity.

a few more words

from the book

The world of the early twenty-first century is a complex one. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the onslaught of images and words that are presented to us twenty-four hours a day by the increasingly pervasive media in all its forms.

We are all human beings, and we each respond to life on this mystifying planet in our unique way.

These words are the response of one man, alive (and kicking) at this remarkable time.

The Words in Me is available through booksellers or direct from the publishers: Opening Chapter.

the emperor's new poem
isn't it fab
isn't it bad
isn't it sad
isn't it mad
isn't it glad
no it isn't

Leaf on mud
Sun on face

Before bird bites
Spider slows
Tasting Air

in the nettles
fallen apples

wool snags on a wire
in the wind

light glints on a raindrop
to the stream


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