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  • A lazy writer?

    A lazy writer?

    What it is see, is that I’m a lazy writer. No, it’s true, I know that I could work much harder and craft every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter, every verse, every simile or metaphor into something that is entirely professional and rock solid. No, I could, I really could do it – every time. […]

  • Skin and Bones – New Novel available now

    Skin and Bones – New Novel available now

    Skin is a taxi driver, Bones is a Detective Inspector. They hate each other but both operate on the same patch, the large ex-industrial town of Elchurch on the South Coast of Wales. A young woman is found dead and they are both drawn into the investigation. But all is not what it seems as […]

  • Skin and Bones – new novel coming soon

    My new novel Skin and Bones will be published soon. It is in the final stages of proofreading. Skin is a taxi driver and his brother Bones is a police detective. They do not get on but since they both operate in the large post-industrial town of Elchurch on the South Wales coast they often […]

  • The Flying Boy

    I recently completed writing a new novel. The title of the book is ‘Skin and Bones’ . More news on that soon, but in the meantime here is an update on a major work-in-progress. It’s a book with the working title of ‘The Flying Boy’. The title refers to a recurring dream I used to […]

  • It’s a collage

    It’s a collage

    It’s a collage, that’s what it is, it’s a coll-fucking-age

  • about Busted and Crime and Coffee etc.mp3

    about Busted and Crime and Coffee etc.mp3

    just another rambling podcast partly about the book launch of Busted the other day

  • Crime and Coffee Festival 2019 – Cardiff Central Library

    Monday June 3rd 2019 – as part of the opening event at the Crime and Coffee Festival I will be launching an unexpected brand new book,. There will also be a rare appearance by the 2 Old Heads 🙂 More on that soon the event starts at 12.30 pm and the book launch is at […]

  • Busted – New Novel almost here

    EDIT: It’s here and will be launched Mon June 3rd – Details here I’m very happy to say that my next novel will be published by the end of May. The manuscript is in the final stages of proofreading. Here’s the completed front cover Busted Bumf It’s the early 1990’s in the large town of […]

  • Busted – new novel coming soon

    ‘Busted’ is a story about a struggling businessman and his family who get involved with some serious criminals. Set in the large coastal town of Elchurch in the 1990’s Busted is a straightforward story and a satisfying read. I actually wrote this story in the 1990’s but basically shoved it in a drawer (well on […]

  • Call me a novelist

    Call me a novelist

    (This is a personal note to myself – please ignore.) I’m a writer. There’s no doubt about that, as you would see if you bothered to explore my website. It’s mostly about writing and most of it has been written – by me of course. Problem is ‘writer’ is too wide a term to be […]

  • Whodunnit?


    Whodunnit? You just might find out over the next two days. Tomorrow and Saturday, June 1st & 2nd, Cardiff Central Library is the location for the Crime and Coffee festival, a very special gathering to celebrate Crime Writing. Meet some award winning crime writers and find out what makes them tick, how they approach their […]

  • Crime and Coffee at Cardiff Central Library

    Crime and Coffee at Cardiff Central Library

    UPDATE: For 2019’s event click here: Coming up: Friday June 1st and Saturday June 2nd 2018, Cardiff Central Library has organised this unique and very special event. I’m very pleased that I was invited to take part and will be appearing as a panellist for the Friday lunchtime event at 1pm. The Festival itself is […]

  • wednesday, march 4, 1998

    wednesday, march 4, 1998

    radical writers gather at the dylan thomas centre on wednesday night in early march during st david’s week also known as ty llen in the maritime sector of swansea. with nigel jenkins, who says ‘i’m just a gower farm boy’ and ‘i make bugger all from my writing’, others discuss cabbage soup, and mike jenkins […]

  • There’s always Hope

    There’s always Hope

    This is something I wrote nearly 24 years ago after attending an event at the Hay-On-Wye Festival Of Literature. Saturday May 21, 1994, 12:20pm ‘The First Novel’ A motley gathering of aspiring authors collect together under the grubby canvas of a  large marquee. Two hundred or so enthusiastic literary souls eagerly await the arrival of […]

  • A Poem and a Painting (and a book)

    A Poem and a Painting (and a book)

    The full cover of Blodyn – my latest collection of poetry Blodyn the Book – Collected poems 2017 Blodyn the Painting – acrylic on board 520mm x 670mm (20″ x 26″), 2001 Blodyn the poem You are a creature Petal-haired Mouth-organ lipped Smudge nose askew You are a flower (an open flower) A head on […]

  • Some birds and their poems

    Some birds and their poems

    A few short poems about birds from my last poetry collection     Blodyn Robin Pecking up the scraps of summer He comes hopping – and perching – in cute poses; Makes you wish you had a camera, ready. Pictures of Robins do well at Christmas. Jackdaw Where I live There are families of Black […]

  • Special offer just 99p/99c books for Kindle

    Special offer just 99p/99c books for Kindle

    On offer for just £0.99 or $0.99. Click on the book covers for more



    Kindle versions of some of my books are on a FREE promotion for a limited time Click on the links below to access the books BUMS Dead Flowers For the Time Being Boys from the Backfields Cheats and Liars The Three Bears

  • verses for a purpose

    verses for a purpose

    (This is a very raw and unedited bit of rambling, posted here as an example of the sort of thing that I write when I’m thinking about what to write but can’t actually get writing.) Around ten past midnight on the cusp of Monday February 7th and Tuesday February 8th, 2017. I wrote a little […]

  • Cardiff Central Library – Open Space Event

    Cardiff Central Library – Open Space Event

    Next Thursday December 15th T O N I T E more details on FB: Related Posts:Creative Cardiff Interview