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  • This is a writing exercise

    This is a writing exercise

    This is a writing exercise The time when I went after a cow there were sounds carping on in that friend’s boat. A pound of small oranges entails mucking under those twelve toadstools. Smart moon then, Idris sparked on them after hell fried upside. Leave young mellow fluffy badgers mind there one bantam weight. Why […]

  • Reviewing the Evidence

    Reviewing the Evidence

    Reviewing the evidence he just walked up to me as if it was an hour ago my legs were shaking Oh he sang better than you. It’s gonna bring tears to your eyes, I promise you I’m just practising, excuse me Yes I still want that Falls asleep ’til about 9 o’clock Tell-tale signs New […]

  • An old poem

    An old poem

    (an old poem) Left too long in the shell almost, touching. Shrivelled apricots almost, sweet. Dried-up peanuts without stones. Fit only for eating soggily, successful. Ex-dried-up riverbed waiting for water. The turn of the planet falling, will come. Warm comfort comes from here, from now. Planted, the seed waiting for water. Welcome, a wink. The […]

  • Does this pen work?

    Does this pen work?

  • A couple more poems from Blodyn

    A couple more poems from Blodyn

    Jackdaws in CAR PARKS Jackdaws in CAR PARKS where they shouldn’t be But then ppl eat cheap tarts and drop crumbs everywhere I wouldn’t like to be a jackdaw Being a bit of a fussy eater FOR INSTANCE I wouldn’t eat a slowworm even if I was starving BUT JACKDAWS eat almost everything They have […]

  • Three thoughts

    Three thoughts

    To be a good gardener, sow the seeds with love Believe in what you’re doing, do what you believe in Even the best words dissolve into mush when you read them too many times

  • Outside in October

    Outside in October

    Outside in October The stems of the bamboos in my neighbour’s garden are tall and waxy cream. Their leaves like the bad hair of an animated villain. They sway like an armoury of thin spears; rattle, sometimes, in the wind. It’s a small innocent valley, where the crabplant and the blonde-haired pampas jostle with potatoes; […]

  • Mid-October Blues

    Mid-October Blues

    When the fallen leaves remind you that Summer’s gone And the days are getting short and the nights are getting long That’s the time to think about where you’re going to That’s the time to think about what you want to do The winter is coming, and with it a pause There’ll be time to […]

  • Some birds and their poems

    Some birds and their poems

    A few short poems about birds from my last poetry collection     Blodyn Robin Pecking up the scraps of summer He comes hopping – and perching – in cute poses; Makes you wish you had a camera, ready. Pictures of Robins do well at Christmas. Jackdaw Where I live There are families of Black […]

  • More Human Beings . . .

    More Human Beings . . .

    Another two human beings have arrived to keep the first one company They are here to stay Here and there of course Everything is here and there Now and then Was.Is.Will be. Basically They are flowers in Spring. (And here’s the first one to save a click or two) They are lovely They are Lovely […]

  • Portrait of a human being

    Portrait of a human being

    Here they are, I think they’re lovely They are lovely They are Lovely Like me Like you You Utter beauty Beauty Beauty Related Posts:Nikki – Portrait of a character

  • In the dark

    In the dark

    A little poem from my new collection – Blodyn – click here for more info In the dark In the late dark, a visitor From a summer, long departed Teased from winter’s slumber Deceived by central heat And a wall to wall mat A microdot of consciousness For a moment sharing awareness As it slips […]

  • Happy Birthday to Me

    Happy Birthday to Me

    Something I wrote on my birthday Happy Birthday To Me It’s a scratch on the wall a step on the path It’s my birthday again another year’s passed If years were seconds there wouldn’t be many not much more than a minute

  • verses for a purpose

    verses for a purpose

    (This is a very raw and unedited bit of rambling, posted here as an example of the sort of thing that I write when I’m thinking about what to write but can’t actually get writing.) Around ten past midnight on the cusp of Monday February 7th and Tuesday February 8th, 2017. I wrote a little […]

  • Blodyn set to Flower soon in New Poetry Collection

    Blodyn set to Flower soon in New Poetry Collection

    ** Paperback now available: More info:

  • Busy Birds

    Busy Birds

    Birds busy being Busy birds being Being busy birds Birds being busy Birds Being Busy Being Busy Birds Related Posts:A deliberate poem – Brown Black Birds

  • A message from the twenty-fourth century

    A message from the twenty-fourth century

    doo yoo woo mooo? DoO AyE waan tooo? waa ee ooo poo fee floo gloo viaa grnaa gtyoe brooa grooa trooa too moo soo kooo jooo gooo claa mee kii nia plaa hoo xoiae boeuo vuo mua trui voo dooo yooo wooo moooo? by fuck!

  • You are what you eat?

    You are what you eat?

    (An old poem: from around 1999) Do you want to be a vegetable, or a pineapple chunk? Would you like to be a rotten grape, continually drunk? Or if you wander in the woods and eat the fungus balls Does that mean that you’re a spore infinitesimally small? My mother likes a bit of fish […]

  • Being Air Under Sky

    Being Air Under Sky

    Being Air Under Sky From the deep, enigma the source of the river springing, sparkling spreading its dream flowing, glowing a growing stream Through the long, dilemma the course of the river shoaling, shining shedding its blood splashing, flashing a dashing flood To the wide, conundrum the force of the river scouring, scumbling scuttling its […]

  • No one reads poetry

    No one reads poetry

    No one reads poetry, except poets, English Literature undergraduates, and some academics. (though these are mostly the same people) No one reads poetry, unless they have to, or think they should for their career. (usually academic – sometimes journalistic) If you follow a few rules, show you understand, you’re not a charlatan, you know the […]