Poetic Philosophy Science

If all the sub-atomic particles in my fingernail grew to the size of a small orange how big would my fingernail be?

If every molecule of water in a full bath grew to the size of a drop of water how many baths would it take to hold them all?

If you could read the mind of a mosquito how would you describe its thoughts?

If the earth was the size of a hydrogen atom how big would the universe be?

If time is eternal when did it begin?

How many years would it take to cross the universe at the speed of light?

If the universe is endless and time is infinite how long would it take travelling at the speed of light to find another version of me identical except with green eyes?

If there was no light would there be anything to see?

When will human beings stop evolving?

If human beings stop evolving how long will they survive?

Why do I exist?

Do I exist?

Do you?

Now for some poetry

There are a lot of words in me

More than there used to be

They come in various combinations

Sometimes they make sense




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