in a shell

Myself is in a shellinashell

Myself is in a shell,
Being hung up
And that.
I shed my shell,
From now
And then.
I am being sat;
Upon a wave
Of Freeness.
My shell is shed,
But what
Do I find to be done.
In the phase,
It’s hot
Outside, it’s muchly warm.
I am being moved myself,
But be looked
Onto Scorn

We Us-self do change
Our scenes and our shells
And in the interim of truth
We’ve such a much to tell




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2 responses to “in a shell”

  1. Alan J.Torry avatar
    Alan J.Torry

    You been on the home-made wine again Derec? How you keeping butty?
    I like the pome by the way. 🙂

  2. DJ avatar

    Me? No! Hic! Still trucking Alan, Ta, that pome was scribbled around 1969 when I was a wee teenager!! Hope they’re treating you well down there in the weird West

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