Overheard on a train

Overheard on a train on the Heart of Wales railway line. Notes found on a scrap of paper in one of my old files. I’m not sure when this was, probably in the last ten years.

4 girls

‘The annoying thing is all the boys said – don’t, he’s gonna cheat on you.’

‘He took this scale (girl) back to his house then at 2 o’clock there was this scale leaving.’

Old Gits

‘They brought the family down from Newcastle. Newcastle paid the council to take them off their hands. They’re causing obstructions there. None of them working of course.’

‘Look at that fridge – they must know whose house it is from.’

‘There was a banana skin on the bus.’

‘It’s the politicians – they’re ripping us off.’

‘The word is foreign and that’s what you see all the time – what’s wrong with Welsh timber?’

‘They just chuck their McDonald’s all over the car park.’

Shopping Women

‘I go to Aldi for all my veg, then mop up in Tesco.’

‘I’m trying to get them to eat healthy – but all they want is fish fingers and chips. So, I boiled some potatoes and put them with some faggots – all they had to do was microwave them – but they still wanted fish fingers and chips.’




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  1. Alan J.orry avatar
    Alan J.orry

    I’ll have to keep notes Derec! Many a time I’ve overheard an interesting conversation and ‘filed’ it in the dark recesses of my brain only to forget all about it ’til I’m looking for something similar…naturally recall is never as good as the original words which caused me to pay attention at the time and the paraphrase is never as good! And statements like – ‘Look at that fridge – they must know who’s house it is from’, are almost too good to be true but that’s exactly how people do talk….when they talks tidy like we do’s in Wales. How’s things anyway? I’ve been wondering where you were as I’ve not seen you around the Metropolis (Llanelli) for some time and thought maybe you’d popped your clogs or been locked up at her Majesty’s pleasure or some such. Anyway, take care and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (there, that’s one Christmas card I don’t have to send).
    Regards Alan (Yes I’m sure the OU meeting is tonight boys I checked before we left) Torry.

  2. DJ avatar

    Hiya Alan – ha ha – no I haven’t popped my clogs yet – (I don’t think so anyway) and I’ve managed to escape justice so far . . .

    We’ve been in Cardiff more or less for 8 or 9 years – crikey !

    I’ll look you up on FB
    Nadolig Llawen to yoo too

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